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SJ Boutique Founder Stephy Jane


Hey there,

Thanks for visiting my store!

So here's my story, I'll keep it short and sweet so you can continue shopping.
Did you know for many years I have dreamt of having my own store. Having over 10 years of experience in the customer service, events and the retail industry, I have always somehow landed roles that just bring me joy and found myself with a passion for helping people look and feel good about themselves.

In 2021 I decided I was truly ready to step up and make my dream a reality. My partner and I stumbled across a business for sale it was a sweet boutique just on the corner of a pretty street the perfect location. I started to envision all the things I could do with this business, such as how the window display would look, my customers and what life would look like in general now that I'd be working on my dream and not someone else's. Anyway so we spoke with the owners about how wonderful this business has been for them, and the loyal customers that come with it, I walked away smiling in fact I was on a massive high. Though whilst I was living in fantasy land for a few days, reality settled in and something just didn't sit well with me. My heart was saying this is it, but my gut was churning then a week later COVID hit! Ahh I just couldn't believe it! I was so angry seeing many businesses close, I watched retail close its doors, my heart sunk as once again I saw my dreams being crushed.

During this time I was working my full time job in Marketing living the dream right... then lockdown happened a second time and unfortunately I was let go. I started to dig real deep and truly find that passion inside of me, I knew what I wanted to do I knew what I loved and everywhere I looked was pointing me into the direction I needed to go. So I got to work, researched and spent hours screaming at my computer when the connection failed me and well now we're here!


Introducing the newest member of the family SJ Boutique.

SJ Boutique is your styling hub for fashion and gifts.

I'm so grateful you have chosen to shop here.


Enjoy your shopping!

Stephy xx

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